Connecting amoCRM client to

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Link to the project:

Deadline: from 1 day (depends on the agreement points)
Budget: from 1 000 UAH (depending on the tariff)


Connecting amoCRM client – one of the most budget orders at the moment. All the conditions of the contract were fulfilled and the client was very pleased with the choice of the amoCRM system. The main work was as follows:

  • — connecting office managers to the sales department;
  • — setting sales steps;
  • — setting up counter parties;
  • — connecting office mail;
  • — setting up the creation of automatic transactions with orders from the site;
  • — SMS setup for work numbers;
  • — setting up incoming and outgoing calls;
  • — integration of social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and instant messengers (Whatsapp, Viber);
  • — setting salebot’a;

 Now to do business has become easier and more efficient. After all, amoCRM system has many advantages over competitors.

The amoCRM interface is intuitive and does not require training or a period of implementation and adaptation. A minimum of buttons, extra pages or actions – a minimum of clicks and maximum speed. The interface is fully optimized for use on tablets, which is very convenient when an employee is out of the office. All customer requests and requests are now amoCRM automatically captures and adds them to the sales funnel. This helps not to lose a single potential customer. The amoCRM system provides full e-mail integration. Incoming and outgoing emails sent even from a regular email client are automatically added to the appropriate cards. Integration with telephony is very convenient. Now, company employees can call a client with a single click directly from the card, receive calls. But most importantly, the entire history of calls and call recordings are saved in the customer card. If at the conversation stage you missed writing down some point of the transaction, the recording of the conversation will help fill in all the lost information. The amoCRM system is very convenient for collaboration. The built-in instant messenger allows the team to communicate with lightning speed right in the program interface. No more switching between windows or applications. By connecting the amoCRM system, revenues and business growth will now increase significantly.

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